I had the opportunity of attending the Dream Collective Leadership Bootcamp recently and it was an incredible experience. I got to meet so many beautiful women all on the journey to become more empowering leaders.

What is The Dream Collective?

The Dream Collective was founded by Sarah Liu, who started her entrepreneurial journey at the age of 24. She is also the Co-founder of start-up Gemini3, Branding Consultant, Author & passionate advocate for women in leadership, Sarah is part of the global rise of ‘generation slashie’ i.e. people with not one job but several.

The Dream Collective’s goal is to build the pipeline of female leaders worldwide by empowering and equipping high calibre young professional women during the early to mid stage of their career.

Determined to drive long-term and sustainable change in women’s representation in the corporate landscape, they work with leading corporations to deliver leadership programs to empower and equip high-calibre young professional women across Australia. 

Since launching in 2012, The Dream Collective has helped advance the careers of thousands of emerging female talent. 

Inspired by the MBA syllabus of the world's leading business schools. This program shapes and equips high-potential young women in business with the skills, confidence, network and knowledge necessary to advance into leadership positions.

The Emerging Leader's Program comprises of two modules:

  • Think Tank Series - a monthly two-hour flipped learning model delivered by a subject matter expert.

  • Dinner with a Mentor session a round table facilitated discussion on overcoming career challenges and achieving breakthroughs. 

The Think Tank Series encourages collaboration through facilitated discussion, debate and skills training to deliver to members the skills and knowledge required to succeed in today's ever evolving and highly competitive corporate landscape. Members are urged to set attainable goals as part of the program that is tracked on a monthly basis to help them achieve new career heights.

DAY 1:

My journery at The Dream Collective has been amazing, I learnt about the importance of Emotional Intelligence in leadership from our beauitful presenter Alicia Brown and I had an EQ test done. I was surprised by my results and found that I scored quite highly on the spectrum and that the area I would need to develop further is self expression. l also learnt from one of our presenters the beautiful and inspiring Shade Zharai that having a growth mindset is essential in becoming a true leader as being 100% open and authentic is the key to be a highly effective and inspiring leader. She also covered the topic on mindful leadership and how it’s so important for us to have mindful leaders today who not only understand themselves but who are not afraid to be open hearted and who have the strength of character to make ethical choices.

We learnt that research suggests that high levels of emotional intelligence in some areas can help predict leadership success, while low levels of emotional intelligence in other areas can predict leadership derailment. According to a HBR Paper in 2010 “When emotional reasoning trumps IQ” found that the strongest strategic thinkers showed more brain activity in the part of the brain associated with emotion and intuition” and EQ will be on the top 10 job skills by 2020 according to The World Economic Forum - Future of Jobs Report.

Oprah Winfrey once said, “Leadership is about empathy. It is about having the ability to relate to and connect with people for the purpose of inspiring and empowering their lives”.

Did you know that the average person has about 60,000 thoughts/day and that about 80% of those thoughts are negative? This is alarming, it made me think about how powerful our thoughts are and how they truly create our reality. It’s so important to be mindful of what you are thinking and to be aware of what’s passing through your mind. If you can be aware of your thoughts you have a better chance of being able to control how you react to them and the actions to take as a result. This is powerful as mastering others is strength, however mastering yourself is true power.

DAY 2:

I also learnt from our presenter Gauri Bhalla about Design thinking and executive action. I learnt about Empathic Leadership, Idea Harvesting & Execution, Cultivating inspiration & driving performance and Committing to Executive Action. Many interesting topics and we got to work together in groups, it was a lot of fun!

The bootcamp also included Dinner with a mentor where we all got a chance for to dine with one of Australia’s leading female business leaders in a relaxed and informal setting. We had a beautiful dinner at Lotus Dining at The Galleries in Sydney CBD and it was such a delight.

We got to meet the inspiring and empowering leader Karen, an award-winning growth and transformation leader in the technology industry. Driving reinvention and transformation to help the world’s biggest brands to stay ahead of disruption. I learnt a lot from Karen that night, her story was very inspiring and she even asked us to all share about ourselves with her aswell which I found so refreshing.

DAY 3:

I also learnt from our beautiful presenter Alicia Brown about creating a personal brand - Performance accounts for 10% towards the quality of work that you deliver while image accounts for 30% of what others think of you and exposure a whopping 60%. of who knows what you do. Very interesting to discover!

Overall I can’t rate my experience at The Dream Collective Leadership Boot Camp highly enough, the team, the presenters and the content delivered was of exceptional quality and value. I left with so much insight and knowledge and also felt so inspired but also empowered now with tools that I can implement into my life and my business and I can’t wait to do the work and see what’s possible. I encourage every woman to take part in the bootcamp, If you are interested to learn more on how you can take part visit @_thedreamcollective_ and


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