Did you know that every single piece of plastic that has ever been created still exists somewhere on this planet? And in the first 10 years of this century the world economy produced more plastic than the entire 1900's! That's scary isn't it?! What's even more scary is that plastic is so engrained in our society that it seems almost impossible to avoid it.

I know I failed in the past when trying to quit my plastic consumption and caught myself buying my usual almond chai tea latte at my local cafe in a single use cup. All because I had forgotten to bring my flask with me, this was all due to me being unprepared and unorganised. Yuk! So to redeem myself and ensure that this didn't happen again I cleaned my flask and put in in my bag the night before so if I'm in a hurry in the morning I'm not leaving it behind.I also put my canvas totes in my bag and in my car so they are ready to use while I'm out shopping. To help me on my journey towards reducing my plastic consumption I came across The Platsic Free July challenge while trawling the internet.

The Plastic Free July challenge is quite simple... choose to refuse single-use plastic during the month of July.

Plastic Free July aims to raise awareness of the problems with single-use disposable plastic and challenges people to do something about it.

You’ll be joining a million+ people world-wide from 130 countries in making a difference.

A problem...
he plastic bottles, bags and takeaway containers that we use just for a few minutes use a material that is designed to last forever. 

These plastics:

  • break up, not break down – becoming permanent pollution
  • are mostly downcycled (made into low grade product for just one more use) or sent to landfill
  • ‘escape’ from bins, trucks, events etc. to become ‘accidental litter’
  • end up in waterways and the ocean – where scientists predict there will be more tonnes of plastic than tonnes of fish by 2050
  • transfer to the food chain – carrying pollutants with them
  • increase our eco-footprint – plastic manufacturing consumes 6% of the world’s fossil fuels

With solutions.
More than 6 out of 10 of us are already refusing plastic shopping bags, avoiding pre-packed fruit and veg, picking up other people's litter and avoiding buying bottled water. 

Choosing to be part of the solution, you can act by:

  • Avoiding products in plastic packaging (choose alternatives)
  • Reducing where possible (opt for refills, remember your reusable shopping bags)
  • Refusing plastics that escape as litter (e.g. straws, takeaway cups, utensils, balloons)
  • Recycling what cannot be avoided


So are you in for the Plastic Free July #choosetorefuse challenge?  

Have you tried elimating plastic in your life and failed miserably? If so, how and what did you do to redeem yourself? Or have you been sticking to it and been saying no to plastic at every opportunity? Would love to know in the comments below...