Outfit: Vintage Moschino Suit from Salvos, Sunglasses: Rayban @westfiledau #rssau

Outfit: Vintage Moschino Suit from Salvos, Sunglasses: Rayban @westfiledau #rssau

I snapped up this amazing vintage Moschino suit from a Salvos Store in Sydney at a steal. Today on the blog I wanted to share with you all my top 5 tips on how to Op Shop like a Pro and how you can find the best vintage designer pieces at a fraction of the retail price.

These tips make your op shopping trip more productive, so you spend more time looking for things you love and less time dealing with some of the difficulties of op shops.

1.  Look For Quality

Just because you are buying second-hand, doesn't mean you have to skimp on quality. Feel and look at the fabric and it will let you know if a piece, which may not suit you in its current form, can be transformed into something fabulous. Always check the care tag but remember to always check the condition that the item is in. Do not buy anything that requires too much repairing or conditioning unless you know you can do it yourself as it can end up costing you a fortune in repair costs and it may not be worth it in the long run.

TIP: "If it's great quality then you can do something with it; if the fabric is awful, it doesn't matter how well it fits,"

2.  Go op shopping mid-week

Lots of donations are dropped off to charity shops over the weekend but volunteer staff don't get the chance to sort through them until Monday or Tuesday. You can often find the best pieces during the week because It's most likely they have only hit the shop floor and people haven't snapped them up yet.

TIP: "Mid-week will see fresh stock on the op-shop floor, which would be a better time to shop anyway, being that stores are quieter with less people shopping".

3. Invest in your time

You’re never going to find anything if you don’t put in the effort. It’s easy to scan the store and walk out empty handed, but to find the best stuff you have to dig deep. Take the time to check out each rack and sort through the clothes, especially when the store is overflowing. You’ll be surprised at how much stuff is hiding or squashed between other items.

Tip: You need to be patient. " Sometimes the most amazing finds are usually discovered unexpectedly, and are often at the bottom of a pile or shelf behind the counter!

4.  Keep Going Back

Clothes are being donated all the time, and sometimes it’s hard for the volunteers to sort through items! To keep up to date with the latest stock, make sure you keep revisiting. You’ll have first priority on the latest treasures and it’s also a great excuse to take along some of your own pre-loved goods!

Tip: "Chances are you won't find that amazing vintage dress on your first visit but you might once you get to know which stores carry the best vintage clothing and you keep checking in without the expectation of finding anything,"

5.  Visit Different Suburbs

Locations like Paddington in Sydney are home to some of the best op shops. When areas are expensive, the chances are that the people who live there are donating pricey clothes. If you’re looking for true vintage clothes, go for high-end areas. 

Tip: Don’t overlook other op shops – they all have their perks! Some are better for shoes; others are good for finding bags. Grab your friends, walk or take transport to various locations for different items. There’s always somewhere to suit the stuff you’re searching for.