Have you ever been looking for the perfect makeup that’s Eco Friendly and cruelty free? Well look no further than Beaudazzled. Beaudazzled’s team has a combined experience of over 20 years in the women’s health industry and have created a one stop shop for all your eco beauty needs.

With a growing awareness of chemicals in beauty products and the fact that many companies are still testing on animals comes greater knowledge and a need for more eco friendly beauty. Most women today, ourselves included, want to use cruelty-free cosmetics and know that we are not contributing to harming animals. We want to choose earth friendly and sustainable products and we are concerned about the effect that years and years of plastering our faces with chemicals will have on our health.  We want radiant, natural beauty that enhances our features – rather than tell us to look and feel a certain way.  

The trouble is, many of the natural brands on the market just don’t have the same staying power or quality that strong, independent women are searching for.  Seeing this, the founders of BeauDazzled began that search, focused on sourcing cosmetics that not only look amazing and last, but are also chemical free, not tested on animals and earth friendly. 

You may not have heard of some of they’re brands before.  This doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re new.  Some of Beaudazzled’s makeup brands have been around for decades – used behind the scenes on film sets, TV studios, in movies and on the red carpet.  Some of these brands are available only in the US or Europe.  But rest assured, ALL of these brands are hand-picked by their team, chosen for their high-quality, creamy, dewy, hydrating and nourishing qualities, chosen because they are the crème de la crème of makeup.  Their motto is: If we won’t put it on our skin, you shouldn’t either.




I simply love Beaudazzled’s website, it’s full of beauty inspiration and they have such a broad selection of local and international cruelty-free brands to choose from. I found myself wanting to buy the whole shop but had to pace myself.  I ended up discovering the brand Girlactik beauty, If you haven’t heard of them before here is the low down.

In late 2000, Galit Strugano, a Los Angeles native and founder of Girlactik was working as a Hollywood makeup artist. When the glitter craze ignited, Galit found herself frustrated by the mess that glitter makeup made while applying it to her clients. Determined to find a solution, she decided she would develop a sparkle formula that would work effortlessly for her, as well as for her clients.

Galit’s concept was simple. She created “sparkle makeup that actually stayed put.” She invented her signature long-lasting base and easy-to-use fine sparkles. With her makeup expertise, and an eye for beauty, Girlactik was born! Over time, the brand has blossomed to become a true affordable luxury cosmetic with a customer demographic ranging from women in their early 20’s up to their 50’s.

I was on the hunt for a great matte lipstick that would stay put and I ended up trying this amazing Matte Lip Paint in shade Starlet by Girlactik Beauty. I must say I was pleasantly surprised by this lipstick as I was expecting it to apply on quite dry however it glided over my lips so easily as it was a creamy consistancy. It then dried within seconds and my new look was created, I was simply delighted by how easy it was to apply and how my lips didn’t feel dry or dehydrated from it like some other branded products I have treid in the past. I will definitely be using and trying more of the products Beaudazzled has to offer as I am super happy with my experience so far. If you would like to try some amazing Eco friendly and cruelty-free beauty products I suggest you pay them a visit here:


I’ve also teamed up with Beaudazzled to give one lucky reader Eco Friendly and cruelty-free products from Girlactik Beauty including a matte lip paint and an eye shadow. All you have to do to enter the giveaway is simply follow myself @ekoandlux and @beaudazzledbeauty on instagram comment on my instagram post and tag 2 friends who you think would love to enter this competition. Winner will be announced on Mon 30th Oct. Goodluck! x Emily