Spa qualia is a sanctuary where you can find ultimate indulgence and relaxation. Perched high above the Whitsundays it offers the ultimate in anti-stress, anti-aging, detoxifying and cleansing treatments. 

I started off my day with one of Qualia's daily morning yoga classes, highly recommend If you want to start your day right. After an hour of yoga I headed to the spa where I was immediately welcomed to slip into one of the spa robes and head to the steam room to warm up before my spa journey started.

After a bit of steam I was given some tea to sip on before I started my treatments. For my 3 hour long spa journey I decided to try a couple of the magical indigenous offerings available the Mala Mayi and Bularri Yarrul treatments. 

I started with the Mala Mayi offering that began with a drizzling of oil and a sprinkling of desert salt. I was then asked to smell a few scents and choose my body mud. Once the body mud was applied I felt I was drifting off to far away lands, while fingertips massaged a warm quandong mask into my scalp. Finally, the spiritually uplifting and rhythmic Kodo hydration worked in unison with my deepest needs and gave me a profoundly indigenous connection. Immediately after I felt invigorated and grounded. I was then shown the outdoor shower were I rinsed off ready for the next treatment.

My second treatment was the "Bularri Yarrul", a hot stone massage using 300 million year old stones. My treatment started with a foot soak and scrub with salts. Then this gentle, timeless treatment used the weight and warmth of naturally formed stones to work through my layers of tension on a physical, mental and emotional level. As I absorbed ‘jiva’ - the unseen vibrating energy carried within each ancient stone. Rose Quartz crystals were also placed on some of my energy points and this centered me and helped me to dissolve stress and fatigue. It also helped my busy mind find peace, my body experienced relief and my heart discovered joy. I fell straight to sleep and hadn't felt that relaxed in a very long time, If you enjoy or are in need of some meditation, I highly recommend this treatment.

Upon completion of my treatments, I received a delicious lunch which catered to my dietary needs. I tried the Avocado pasta and the crispy egg and it was the perfect way to end my spa journey.

I highly recommend combining treatments and opting for either the 3hr spa journey or a full day spa journey If you are in need of some downtime. If you are looking for the ultimate in relaxation I suggest booking a stay at Qualia and booking in some time at The Spa.