I frequently get asked how do I make vintage/pre-loved or ethical fashion pieces work in with new modern pieces in my wardrobe?

Here are my tips on how you can work vintage/pre-loved or ethical fashion pieces into your already existing modern wardrobe. The key is finding the right pieces that are not only easy to wear but also are transeasonal and won't date.

Find the right pieces. For example finding the right leather jacket, a classic cut leather jacket will never go out of style and I consider a great leather jacket to be a staple in any fashionista's wardrobe. I found this beige suede leather jacket from an op-shop and I wear it to death. I suggest going for a black or neutral colour to go back easily with most outfits.

Quality not Quantity. Choose quality pieces that can see you through season after season, think quality over quantity. This will help build your wardrobe with pieces you will wear time and time again. What is the point of having all this stuff if it just sits in your wardrobe right? When shopping vintage or pre-loved go for designer brands or pieces that are made from great quality materials to last.

A good designer bag. You can also never go wrong with a good designer bag, and If you shop right you don't have to spend a fortune simply think outside the box. What about a pre-loved designer bag instead of a new one? A lot of fashionista's use a designer bag once or twice and then end up re-selling them, you can find 'IT' bags in excellent condition at a steal! I will write about this in detail in my next post and how I find my pre-loved designer bags at a fraction of the cost.

Find a chic vintage outfit that you can wear to many occassions. Go for a nice suit jacket and skirt that's classic, you can never go wrong with this outfit as it can see you through day to night, corporate to party or even to a wedding, all you need to do is accessorize. For example I purchased the above vintage white Moschino suit jacket and skirt at an op-shop and it is so versatile plus it didn't cost me much. I suggest finding a classic jacket, blazer or whole suit in either black or white, this is a good wardrobe staple to have as you can be creative and dress the look up or down.

Ethical Fashion that's not only stylish but modern. There are many wonderful Ethical fashion brands who are leading the way not only in their ethics in doing business in fashion but for pushing the boundaries in modern technology and modern design. You can find many fashion forward pieces that are also Ethical. The key is to do your research and visit Ethical shopping sites that carry these brands. Go for pieces which are not only unique in their story but also their print or design, this will ensure you stand out from the crowd. Visit sites such as EKOLUV or SHOPETHICA.

Above are my Spring/Summer Essential Looks of Vintage, Ethical and Modern Fashion all worked together to create timeless and classic looks that are chic.

Look 1: Vintage jacket bought from op-shop, Fair Trade Playsuit by La Lesso, Sunglasses by Ray-Ban.

Look 2: Fair Trade Dress by La Lesso, Vegan faux-suede bag by EKOLUV, Shoes by Witchery.

Look 3: Witchery Dress, Celine Bag, Sunglasses by Ray-Ban, Shoes by Witchery.

All photography by the talented Hazel Suarez @ladyelectraheart