Today I had the pleasure of trying Lük beautifood, an all-natural Australian cosmetics brand that wants you to nourish your lips! They create simply delicious Lip Nourish lipsticks made from active clean foods, like avocado and sesame seed oil. Yum! I had first seen Luk Beautifood on instagram and when I had been asked to see what I think of their products I jumped at the chance as this brand is exactly in line with everything I stand for. I received my lip nourish beautifully packaged in cloth which is intended to be recycled and re-used as a cleaning cloth. This brand does not use nasty materials and other single use plastics that harm our environment and it's great to see a brand follow through with not only having an organic product but also being responsible for it's product's carbon footprint.

I tried the chai shimmer lip nourish since I am a big fan of anything chai related and I have to admit once I put this product on I felt an immendiate hyration to my dry and cracked lips. I have used various organic lip balms before and usually after a few hours my lips need a top up but not this one, this lip nourish kept my lips hydrated and smooth for most of the day and I was left feeling very impressed!

The Lük Beautifood brand was founded by wonder woman Cindy Lüken, a food scientist and product developer. This cosmetic brand is 100% Pure, and is the worlds first company to make fruit pigmented makeup. At lük beautifood they are of the belief that if you wouldn’t eat it, then why would you put in on your body, especially as your skin absorbs 60% of what you put on it! I couldn't agree more with this philosophy, which makes it the perfect brand for me to use. They make and sell products that follow this green/clean beauty mantra from beginning to end, encouraging people to ‘toss the toxics’ from their makeup bags!

What's even better is that they're pretty much edible and the different flavours are absolutely delicious! Now I can not only use my chai shimmer lip nourish but eat it too!

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