Acai has become all the craze here in Australia, it's jam packed full of antioxidents and makes for the perfect start to your day. The Acai bowl originated in the Amazon and in the early 1970′s, frozen acai pulp began to travel from the Amazon to northern Brazilian cities where it first became famous for it's delicious and refreshing qualities and became a favourite food staple amongst Brazilians. I love a good acai bowl in the morning not only is it tasty but is also a very nutritious food. I recommend Amazonia brand products and perosnally use the unsweetened acai frozen satchets. Amazonia products are organic and fair trade and sustainably sourced and only use pure ingredients compared to some other brands which use coagulants and other fillers or sweeteners.

The perfect morning AçaÍ bowl

A great fair trade sustainably sourced açaí bowl to start your day, sweet, crunchy and full of delicious goodness!

Serves one
2 Amazonia Pure acai frozen smoothie packs (can be bought at health food stores)
1  1/2 - 2 Organic bananas

Juice (optional):

Add fresh watermelon juice or coconut water if you want it to be a thinner consistency.

3 tbsps gluten free homemade granola (see recipe below)
1/2 banana sliced, blueberries, strawberries

Put Amazonia Pure Acai and all ingredients except toppings in blender. Recommended blender to use: Vitamix or equivalent is best. Blend till smooth and top with remaining sliced banana, strawberries and homemade granola. Enjoy!

Homemade Gluten Free Crunchy Granola


1 cup Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Whole Grain, Rolled Oats

1/4 cup Almonds

1/4 cup Walnuts

1/4 cup Macadamias

2 tbsp Cinnamon

2 tbsp Honey


Add all ingredients together and mix in a bowl and serve, you can also toast it for an extra crunchy bite. Simply combine all above ingredients and lightly toast in a pan on low- medium heat. Serve and enjoy!

You can make any number of variations to this recipe to suit your taste.